Anarkali suits- An emblem of grace and sophistication in Ethnic Dresses flair

India is a country of diverse culture and tradition. This is greatly reflected in the ethnic dresses worn by men and women in the different parts of the country. Comfort is of utmost importance in a tropical country like India and thereby it becomes a prerequisite for the people to opt for clothing that ensures the same even during special ceremonies and festivals. One such type of  ethnic dresses is  highly prevalent in mostly Northern and Western part of the country is the Anarkali suits.


Anarkali suits consist of 3 distinct parts namely, the long frock-style kurti, a churidar bottom and a dupatta or a stole. The origin of these ethnic dressesdates back to the Mughal era. These suits are named after Anarkali (which means delicate bud of pomegranate blossom), a famous courtesan of the Great Emperor Akbar’s court. She was known for her great beauty and pomegranate like complexion. Ethereal beauty Madhubala’s portrait of Anarkali in the movie Mughal-e-Azam started the trend of Anarkali suits. This style went out of fashion for a few years but is back with a bang and shows promise to stay for a long time with leading Bollywood actresses sporting the trend and making red carpet appearances in these gorgeous suits.


The Indian angrakha is very similar to the anarkali suits and is associated with the popular Indian dance form of kathak. The Mughal period saw the use of rich fabrics and embellishments for these kinds of ethnic dresses which imparts a royal appearance to women. Featuring large pleats flowing around the legs like an umbrella this traditional attire is suited for every occasion and looks flattering in every body type. Similar to any other traditional Indian wear this elegant piece of garment has also undergone a series of modifications but the original style never goes out of fashion. A wide variety of fabrics are used in tandem or singly for that rich regal look. Use of materials like satin, net, silk, pure cotton, crepes, georgette, chiffon, jute etc are rampant in the making of these ethnic dresses The anarkali suit is a highly embellished garment with glittering borders, intricate zari work, mesmerizing stone and mirror work among the widely used ornamentations. The use of gold and silver threads is also not uncommon among the heavily embroidered ones for that exquisite look in weddings and other ceremonies. You can get these custom made from boutiques and designer stores or you can buy anarkali suits online.

When it comes to accessorizing your anarkali suits minimalism is the way to go. These suits consist of heavy embroidery in it and thus require very few ornaments to go with it. Pairing this traditional attire with jhumkas and chandbalis adds ancient opulence and accentuates the look. Large hoops and heavy jadau earrings in patterns of flowers, peacocks etc add a touch of ethnic splendor. Neck pieces are less commonly worn with anarkalis with highly bejeweled necklines. The simpler ones can however be paired with long statement necklace or one can adorn a trendy choker with deeper necklines to accentuate their slender neck.  One can sport rings, bangles and other accessories without over doing the look. One can opt for a spectrum of hairstyles including neat buns, side buns, open middle parted hair, side braid, pouf updo or loose updo for a complete look. The selection of footwear is also important and enhances the overall look. You can opt for glamorous pencil heels or flats or go along with the ethnic theme and opt for naagras or jutis. Tight fitted jackets are a leading trend with these anarkali suits and give the attire a spunky look. Carry a beautiful long dupatta with matching embroidery and fabric for a complete elegant look.

In today’s modern era everything can be viewed at the tip of our fingers and online shopping opens up a wide range of possibilities for the customers. One can view a wide range of designs and contours available on the popular shopping sites and make their choice after weighing their options. Just like all other ethnic and western wear you can now buy anarkali suits online as well. One can easily view all the different types of fabrics, styles, colors, embroidery on the suits and decide on your favorite ones after a proper critical review. Not only can you easily visualize these suits based on the look on the models in the picture but can also take your decision to buy anarkali suits online on the basis of the reviews given by the customers who have previously purchased it online. A wide range of necklines, flairs, lengths and prints are available for you to decide from depending on your figure and height. They are available in stitched, semi-stitched and unstitched forms and you can decide which one to choose depending upon your convenience.

The most attractive reason to buy anarkali suits online is the wide range of offers that these online shopping sites provide. Many sites give end of season sales and lucrative offers of buy one get one free which are a great deal for buyers. You can avail a large amount of discounts, starting from 20% till 80%, which drills a smaller hole in your pocket. The anarkali suits& other ethnic dresses are available in heavy embellished varieties as well as simpler ones to wear on a day to day basis. These are tagged with a price range starting from Rs 500 and can go higher up till more than Rs 15,000 depending on the extent of work. The boutiques now come to your door step and give you a wide range of choice, helping you select the perfect attire for a special day.So what are you waiting for? Go and buy anarkali suits online& other smart ethnic dresses and wear this flamboyant attire with confidence.

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