Doe Deere: Dream Successful


One of the newest stars on the trend-setting horizon is a powerful woman named Doe Deere. She is the founder of the cosmetics line Lime Crime. Although her appearance certainly doesn’t scream “power” her track record does. To begin with, her hair color can be any color found in the rainbow on any given day. Her clothing is rarely “off the rack” as she usually either wears custom or vintage fashions. This facet of her personal style is an indication of what her cosmetics are all about.

Doe began her path in her native Russia while still in school. She made, wore, and sold temporary tattoos at a time when they weren’t commonly seen. With her confident, take-charge attitude, her tattoos quickly became THE thing for her peers to sport as a declaration of their independence. Her life had just begun on a long path of individuality and success without boundaries.

After arriving in New York City, Doe threw herself into her other passion: music. She fronted a indie rock band and it was there she met her musician husband, now her partner in business as well as life. Music allowed Deere to express herself with no restrictions, further igniting her already artistic sensibilities. With a career in edgy music, the band’s edgy appearance naturally emerged. The application of stand-out makeup led Doe to create her own line.

Lime Crime was born, but in true Doe fashion, this was a company that was driven with several passions at it’s heart. Doe and her husband wanted Lime Crime to be based in social conscience. For that reason, all the products are natural and cruelty-free. No product in the Lime Crime line is ever tested on animals, so these are cosmetics that clients can feel good about wearing, in both appearance and composition.

Another passion of Doe’s that has made it’s way directly into the Lime Crime philosophy is keeping things fresh, innovative and fun. The products are exceedingly wearable, reflect tomorrow’s upcoming fashion trends, and the colors are fun to wear. From punked out to vivid colors to dichotemetric contrasts, there is something for everyone who wants to express their individuality.

The most admirable trait of both Doe Deere and her Lime Crime cosmetics is the dedication to illustrating to other young women that it CAN be done. Doe has led her life by not being a slave to what others consider appropriate goals, but defining goals herself based only upon her own unique vision. Doe teaches other aspiring women, by example, that if you can imagine it, you can accomplish it. This is certainly a mission statement that we can all support. Learn more:

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