Top Instagram Makeup Trends for Autumn / Winter 2016

Instagram really have changed the makeup world. It has opened the doors to thousands of girls (and boys), all inspired by showing off their creations. Makeup has never been so accessible or social. With the most flattering looks being made viral in an instant. Therefore there is little wonder that every now and again, a new makeup trend surfaces. Ladies (and indeed gents) replicate each others until the look is completely on fleek. Solidifying its status in the Instagram makeup trend hall of fame. We put together some of the predictions that we believe will take over this season. From makeup organisers to skin tips.



  • Natural looking skin

It may sound counter-intuitive, as Instagram is known for it’s perfecting filters. Usually making skin look so flawless it could belong to a doll.  Yet this is almost getting tiresome in the community as it is so usual to see. Therefore the tides of change began this summer, with bloggers opting for softer and sheerer coverage with there foundations. Therefore, we think the next big trend will be barely there makeup that focuses on a gorgeous glowing skin, with freckles peeking through. The ironic thing is that the masters of these looks will probably just be using as much makeup as usual, but applied in a different manner!

2) Deep lips

Autumn and winter is always the time to experiment with deeper shade of lipstick, as there is no worry of it melting off your face. Plus heavier makeup does always seem like more effort in the heat. Deep plums and muted mauves are set to rock the makeup world this season – like most seasons really. However read below for the twist we think will change it up this year.

3) Glosses

Lip gloss has really taken a back seat over the last couple of years. Matte liquid lipsticks have been reigning supreme, with brands such as Kat Von D and Jeffree Star rolling in the front seat. However, we sense a lip gloss revival coming on, with brands such as Gerard Cosmetics coming out with a huge new line. Although it looks great in photos: with so many flaky, dry lips we are seeing on the high street – the time that the matte lip took a backseat is long overdue in our opinion.



4) Makeup Organisers

Makeup organisers are still going strong. With clear makeup organisers being the most popular pick. There is nothing that calls out to our picture perfect lifestyle that portrays a gorgeous vanity which showcases our makeup to perfection.

5) Natural looking brows

Instagram is the home of the on fleek eyebrows. With bloggers painting and carving in their brows to perfection every time. A more natural brow has been more desirable in the last few months. With users becoming bored of fake looking block brows. However, this trend will amp up even more over autumn and winter, with untamed and almost fuzzy brows becoming the focus of the face.


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